DAVENPORT LAWN TENNIS CLUB                         
Club History


The Club was founded in 1909 by local gentlemen and at that time was called Woodsmoor Tennis Club, and comprised two grass courts and a wooden pavilion.

By 1924/5 the Club had expanded to four courts and the name was changed to Davenport Tennis Club. It continued to prosper and by the 1930s had three grass and three shale courts.

Throughout this decade teams were entered in the Manchester & District Lawn Tennis League and the Ladies and Gentlemen’s teams were champions on more than one occasion.

During the war years the Club was dormant whilst most of the members were serving in the armed forces, or otherwise helping in the war effort. Immediately after the war work began and there were soon three shale courts ready for play, quickly followed by a fourth.

It was around about this time that the original wooden pavilion was replaced by a brick building.

In 1954 Davenport, along with other tennis clubs within an eight mile radius of Bramhall station, founded the North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. The League has now expanded to include over 40 clubs covering a much wider area.


During the period since 1970 various alterations and improvements have been made inside and outside to create the Club as it is today. A bar was added in 1970, the pavilion extended in 1987 and in 1997 the Club completed a £125,000 development aided by the LTA, the Foundation for Sports & the Arts and the Sports Lottery Fund to provide four floodlit artificial grass courts.